Finally, breakthrough for Andy Murray, and grand slam status!!! Cheers, Andy!!!

Andy Murray US Open 2012
Murray wins his first grand slam, what an exciting event. So many surprises at this years Open I really enjoyed it thoroughly. The score when it was all said and done was 7-6, 7-5, 2-6, 3-6, 6-2. I was a little concerned when Murray, it seemed was losing concentration. But he seemed to regain his composer back to win the event. I’m also not really a fan of Djokovic at all but he is a good player. I guess I don’t like his media personality and the fact that he bounces the ball 1200 times before he serves it. But I digressed, back to Andy Murray, he has had a lot of pressure to win a championship because although the Brits invented tennis, they haven’t been able to win a grand slam since the 1930’s. I mean my goodness, what is that almost 80 years? Now that is an extremely long time, not to have had a champion they could call the golden one till now. And how paradoxical, and then again maybe not, to win his first slam not on his home soil. The pressure was definitely off and there was probably air to breath. Although he already won Olympic gold this year against Rodger Federer no less and in his home country, which was a good preamble to this event. Also, there was a kind of similitude in both Serena and Andy’s matches which was pretty exciting as well. Good on you as the Brits say Andy Murray, and all the best. (Photo by:Rob Loud/USTA)

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