So you think you can dance, final 4. Season 9

So here we are at the end of the competition. It’s not surprise who will when the coveted prize on the girls side, but on the guys side I think Cyrus should win. The 4 last contestants are. Eliana, Chehon, Cyrus and Tiffany. I’m very disappointed in this seasons show. I was happy with season 8 but this season has been pretty boring for the most part. I saw a few shining stars but none of the people I liked stayed on the show. I liked the idea of having male and a female winner but the people they let go were really good dancers. I think they should have kept Will, and Matthew longer as well as Cole. On the girls side I think Audrey should have stayed longer and get rid of the 2 ballroom dancers. Also, doing a Mia Michaels tribute was really silly and unneeded.

Perhaps the show needs a facelift maybe new judges, and choreographers, I don’t know but this has been the most lack luster season they’ve had so far. Having said that Sonja was great as a choreographer!!! But after that very disappointing.

Cyrus, Tiffany, Eliana, and Chehon, season 9

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