Elementary, is a huge “NO”!!!

Sherlock Holmes Duos

Watching this new show I guess I was expecting way to much. I don’t know why America felt the need to try and mimic this truly British classic literature. I wanted to like it, I really did but it wasn’t very good, unfortunately. Perhaps they were just trying to do an American take on the very British theme but can I just say, it failed terribly, and they should stop right now. I mean my goodness does anyone see the big pink elephant in the room??? Watson is a woman and the actor they use is LUCY LIU!!!! Are you kidding me???

Now on the flip-side, the guy who plays Sherlock; Jonny Lee Miller is a very decent actor and a Brit, but to play this role you need to be in London, and maybe live at 221B Baker St, have a landlord named Mrs. Hudson, etc. So, maybe if he had played Holmes first it would have been ok, but not now. You can’t help but compare the two shows since they were produced so close together, also, when you try to sell the audience the same modern Sherlock premise and just try to re-package it, doesn’t fix the problem, because now you have more problems. Also,with mediocre supporting actors like Lucy Liu and Aidan Quinn, you really have to ask yourself, “what where they thinking?” Another question is how have these actors gotten so much work, when they are so lack luster at best??? (Lack luster my new favorite phrase lol.) Who is there agent??? Geez!!! The only thing Lucy Liu acted (semi tolerable) in was Kill Bill. Lucy Liu who is wooden, deadpan, and who just speaks her lines with no emotion. Who seems to play the same character in everything she’s in. I understand using an Asian American but why her??? Why not John Cho, or someone else with more depth? Aidan Quinn is the same not much depth, and not interesting, and he’s playing the inspector, umm, yeah not good!!!

Then there’s the mediocre writing, I mean how can it be done well when it was done perfect at least by worldly standards in the BBC show? Answer: is you can’t and shouldn’t mess with the intelligence of Americans. We may be lazy but not stupid, as a matter of fact this show is lazy!!! And like the title of the show, It’s way too Elementary for us, c’mon!!!! I however, do hope that Jonny can find his niche soon, he had a pretty good show on tv a few years ago but it got cancelled. I hope they can find him another venture soon. When your trying to be a copy cat it never works, the new BBC show is almost too good for its own good. That happens rarely and that’s why its good, the material is exceptional and very well thought out. It’s riding on the coat tails of the 1980’s Jeremy Brett Sherlock but its doing it with class and style. Not a copy cat show with pomp, fluff and non-essentials. Honestly, who are they trying to fool with this cast of disasters???

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