Elementary Episode 2…Better but not great

Jonny Lee Miller in Elementary

So I watched episode 2 and I have to say this one was much better. Although I don’t know what happened to the Latino detective? He just disappeared. Now there’ s a black detective helping the captain. I will have to say this episode was more interesting, which caused me to like it more. Not because of the Lucy Liu but because the material was better written and Jonny Lee Miller was more convincing as Sherlock. He’s an absolute lovely actor. I really like his work. It’s so exceptional even if the writing isn’t the greatest. I only wish I didn’t have to listen to Lucy Liu speak or act it might make the show less painful to watch. I did like that a lot of the supporting actors were unknowns. This is the another reason I liked what I saw last night they made me care, which is what was wrong with the first show I didn’t care about anybody in that episode.  However, now with the second one in the brain vault I will say it had some substance that made it note worthy. I do hope that Lucy gets some more acting lesson, because she can really be annoying. Especially when she tries to deliver a facial expression. It’s just all blank stares. She’s atrocious in that department I mean, my goodness!!!! For example, when she tried to show a threatening look when Sherlock asked her if she was serious about poking him with the thumbtack, that was just horrible. I don’t know if she looks back at the dailies but she should and be asking the director to give her another shot at the scene. Jonny on the other hand played it very smartly when he had the interplay with Lucy regarding her love life and her walking gate, etc…that scene was very well done by him specifically. So to sum it all up, there have been some moments that make the show entertaining. I just wish they would replace Lucy!!!! All that being said, not bad this episode, not bad. Photo by David M. Russell/CBS ©2012 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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