Seven Pyschopaths (No spoiler)!!!

Ferrell, Rockwell, and Walken in Seven Psycopaths

So I went to see the movie, Seven Psychopaths…This was a great movie, it was by the director Martin McDonagh who wrote and directed In Bruges, another classic crime drama. It’s interesting how this director/writer makes his movies, they are so graphic and yet funny all at once. I will just say this one is a must see for anyone who likes Colin Ferrell and Sam Rockwell, and of course the legendary Christopher Walken. There all amazing in this quirky crime drama. Just so you know ahead of time there is quite a bit of LANGUAGE so be ready. It’s rated R so you know what that means!!!! It’s interesting how in these movie you manage to like all the characters good guys and bad. The muscle cars in this movie were SWEET!!!! Ok enough said now go see it. Musings&Rants ~ Shazza

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