Lailani’s Prom Chronicals 2009

The Dress

So a few years ago my daughter had her high school prom. She graduated from high school in june 2009. Anyway, can I just say that was a big ol’ hallabaloo!!! Wow, I can’t believe how involving that whole thing was. It was more involving then her graduation. The graduation was a breeze compared to the prom. First, their was the issue of who was she going to go with. We had one potential then another, and another. After that it was how much was her dress going to cost. At this juncture can I just say wow…my goodness it was chaos. We had to figure out what dress she was going to buy. So we went online and she found a whole bunch of potential dresses. At the time I wasn’t working so we were going to have to be frugal on these things. So, she kept that in mind and found a dress for $150 online. Great! Then once that happened we had to figure what shoes she was going to wear. Well we also found 3 potential pair online. Amazing how much the internet works. So first we bought one pair of shoes, those weren’t right $50. Then we bought another pair those were ok $75. The one’s she really wanted they didn’t have those in her size. Oh well. So we had dress and shoes. 

Snap on Nails are the BEST!

Now we had to get the accessories geez. Hair,$60, nails,$5, and make-up, I did it. All I can say at this point of the game is why couldn’t I have had a boy child? So she wanted to get the sparkling things for her face that matched her dress we found those online too. Awesome. Well correction she found those. I had no clue to what the heck she was talking about to be truthful until she tacked them on her face lol. Ok, so then we thought a choker neckless would be ideal like a velvet ribbon with a pretty blue flower on it. Well, that was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Impossible to find on the web. So we finally went with a regular costume jewelery neckless thank goodness. Sparkly things for her face, $10 neckless not sure didn’t pay for that.

Lani and Lex and sparkly things

So about a week before prom the date was getting all messed up. The guy she was going to go with got in trouble and then couldn’t go. Geez again. Something to keep in mind for anyone who reads this is, when you invite someone from a different school you have to jump through hoops for them to get permission to go. Its not like it was back in the day when you could bring whomever you wanted. Nope, that’s not how things are done anymore and you have to give them at least a months notice. So what ended up happening is she went with her girlfriend from her school, because the next boy that could have gone couldn’t go because it was to late to get the permission. Man, all I could think at this point is. My poor mom and what she must have went through with me. I never even gave it a thought back then when I was getting ready for my prom. Not even a little bit. So where were we oh yeah. So, I rent a car for her and her girlfriend to go and all is well. Oh that’s another thing going with your girlfriend back when I went to prom in the 80’s would have been a scandal lol. Well you will be glad to know that’s not even a issue anymore. Which is a good thing. So, since Lani doesn’t have her drivers license yet she can’t drive the car herself. I had to drive them to and from the place. Thank goodness it wasn’t to far away. Oh, the car cost about $150 as well. So all together you do the math on the cost. All I can say is that is over and done with and I will always laugh at how chaotic it was geez. Also, be happy if you have a boy child things won’t be as expensive!!!! The funny thing is, I got off pretty easy compared to other mom’s spending money on the prom. Thank you Lani for not killing your mom!!! 

Lani and Jamike the date that couldn’t get school permission to go







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