Elementary, Episode 3 (no spoiler)!

If I didn’t know any better I would think that the Elementary writers were all changed between now and the first show. I think that this show got better and better with each episode. I was very pleasantly surprised by this last episode. I’m interested in seeing what they do for next season. On the critical side, I will say that Lucy Liu has not improved her acting and she’s still as wooden as ever but she’s bearable to watch because of the good acting of Jonny Lee Miller the actor playing Sherlock. The only thing I would suggest to the producers is, to have him slow his speech down and fix the sound it’s horrible. Everyone sounds muffled and muddled, especially Sherlock and the captain characters. Outside of the those things, this episode had verve and flare. It was pretty clever and the show no longer felt like a more expensive Monk episode. I also no longer tried to compare the BBC show and this show. I will say that trying to swallow Lucy as Watson still rubs me wrong, because in order to truly love the Sherlock stories you need to love Watson as well. Or at least care about that character and I just wish her lines would end fast every time she speaks. But on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best I would give it about a 7. And that’s not bad considering the first show was about a 2. The only other disturbing thing is that Sherlock has tattoos why would Sherlock need tats? He’s too narcissistic already he would not need to show off body art to get attention; because his mind is his body art right? Anyway, I will probably watch next season because Jonny is adorable. Even though he has yucky tats which means he should leave his shirt on I think… Musings&Rants ~ Shazza

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