Episode 4, Parks and Recreation Season 5

Parks and recs, episode 4, Season 5

When you watch this show you have to wonder what are the writers thinking??? Parks and Recs is super silly maybe one of the silliest shows on TV. I love this show and last night was no exception. It was SUPER silly. What the heck is going on with Ben and April out in Washington and there weird employers??? The robot politician was creepy and funny all at once and they got the perfect actor with a really good blank stare. Then there’s Andy…why is he so dull lol. He had me rolling when he made the comment about eating all the bananas. And when Leslie and Ann bicker it’s classic comedy 101!!! Just hysterical. Oh and Tom is just clueless about everything except himself. And the reoccurring characters, who are supposed to be moral and her husband is gay lol just too funny. And the acting of Rob Lowe in this series is the best acting I’ve seen him ever do, I’m so glad he finally got a gig that would show off his talent. Who knew he wouldn’t be a has been out of all the brat pack players from the 80’s that’s amazing. I thought for sure he would have been just another pretty face that faded into the background but he made it through and someone like Molly Ringwald has faded away. I would have never predicted that EVER!!! Great quirky writing this week, well done Parks & Recs. Musings&Rants ~ Shazza

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