The Drive In…A Dying American Past Time

Westwind Drive in, back in the day

Do any of you remember the drive in??? This was the place you went on a Friday night with your family. Because a lot of times kids got in free. Another fun thing about the drive in, was that you could bring your own popcorn. The only awful thing, was when you had to go to bathroom. For females you had to wait in line for at least 20 minutes and for some reason the bathroom was always were altercations happened or at least that was the urban legend. However, nothing ever happened when I went thank goodness. Mostly, though it was a fun time when I was a kid. Well all that to say, there are still a few left in this country and I live around the corner from one of them, the Westwind 6, in Sacramento, CA.  The idea of seeing 2 new features for $7 bucks is wonderful, and when pennies are tight these days that is a good price to see one movie let alone two!!! I took my daughter for the first time last year she was 20 when she first went. It’s so funny saying that because back in the day, like the 70’s if you had never been to a drive in as a kid you must have lived under a rock!!! I was fortunate to not live under a rock and to live at the end of the drive in era, kind of the drive in’s last stand if you will…

Which brings me to the second point, my kid and her friend loved the drive in, they thought it was fascinating and it was the second time for my daughter and the first time for her friend, 21 and 20 respectively. For me it was so reminiscent of my passed that it kind of made me long for childhood and simpler times. Also what I  loved is although I’ve been to the drive in many times I had never been in a pick up truck where we could actually be outside of the car watching the movie. Back in the day it wouldn’t have been respectable to bring fold out chairs and sit outside of your car at least not in my family. But now people are actually barbequing out there!!! It was great except for the mosquitoes that were biting me. Now I know, you have to bring repellant or they will have a field day with you. Also, try to remember not to see a movie like Dark Knight Rises because there are a lot of night scenes and it’s really hard to see them at the drive in. Also, if you don’t have surround sound in your vehicle trying to hear the villain talking with a mouth mask can be quite difficult, it sounded like all he was saying was “blah, blah blah,” where were the subtitles??? So, let’s recap the 8 drive in movie essentials:

Westwind now
  1. Bring snacks
  2. Bring blankets
  3. Bring a pillow
  4. Bring an extra radio if you have one so you don’t run out your car battery. (very optional)
  5. If you bring little kids make sure they have the pj’s on because they probably won’t make it through the second movie without falling asleep.
  6. Try to only do this activity in the summer months the winter will be to cold. Or only til the end of October depending on where you live.
  7. Bring chairs so you can sit outside your car if you don’t have a truck. This is totally exceptable DIM etiquette now!!!
  8. ENJOY!!! Also bring a camera to see the looks on your kids faces as they start watching the movie…their priceless (even grown kids, especially one’s who haven’t been). I forgot this part last time I went, these pics are borrowed.

Ok, so now that you have all your drive in supplies, you should have a happy drive in experience. It’s worth going a little out of the way to take your children, they will love the idea of staying up late. So, lets support our very few drive in movie theaters people and revive this past time for the kids to have great memories if nothing else ok??? One more thing, you will probably want to re rent the movies you go see again on dvd just so that you don’t miss anything with those blasted night scenes. All that being said, it’s such a positive, innovative idea to watch a movie outside and a neat and fairly cheap way to make memories with your family…

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