The Samaritan Woman and Homosexuals John 4:16-18

John 4:16-18 He told her, “Go, call your husband and come back.” 17“I have no husband,” she replied.Jesus said to her, “You are right when you say you have no husband. 18 The fact is, you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not your husband. What you have just said is quite true.”

I have a heart about the issue with Gay people who claim belief in Christ and yet have not turned from the lifestyle. This issue burdens me and just until the other day when I was reading a friend of mine’s blog did the light finally turn on for me. You see I have family that is gay and claim to be devout believers, in fact my aunt witnessed to me about trusting in Jesus as my savior way back when. Although, I didn’t come to the Lord directly after she witnessed, I understood that Jesus was not something to ignore and I better take a hard look at my life. When I finally did become a believer, years later. I thought that we would now be able to praise our Lord together because now I would be on the same page with her. I was ecstatic about this. Although, there was an issue. What do I do about her being gay? Ugh! So for years when I was going to church and fellowshipping with like minded people like myself (Christians) this issue wasn’t at the forefront but when I would visit with my auntie it was always distressing me. Here we were serving the same Lord and yet the bible speaks clearly to homosexuals being out of the will of God. How can that be when my auntie claims Christ??? As a new believer, I had to tell her that I thought she was in error but she would always seem to talk me out of that idea.

Then one day, I asked her what would she say if she was the Samaritan woman at the well and Jesus asked her to go get her husband, and bring he to Him? She said she would say she didn’t have a husband. I asked her if she would say she had a wife? She said she didn’t think she would say that either. I thought that was an interesting answer. To me that reveals that she knows that her lifestyle would be sinful to Jesus. The thing that is so great about Christ is that even if He had asked my auntie the question and she answered incorrectly, he would have still directed her to the truth and what she would need to do. That’s the wonderful glorious God that we serve!

So now I’ve come to think about that scripture in a direct comparison to the gay community. They are kind of like the Samaritan people of that day. Because Christians can kind of outcast them like the Jews did with the Samaritans. Christians at times can alienate the homosexual sin as much larger than other sin, instead of trying to come along side these people, and witness to them using scripture that shows that this sin is no worse or better then being an adulterer or prostitute, that it’s all immoral and you need a savior to die for it!!! The “gay christian community” will use inclusive language when reading the bible to try and appease their congregations regarding feminism and other gay rights issues, and continue to deceive the flock into thinking that this is all ok with God. Kind of like the Samaritans included other religions to mix with Judaism back in the day. So everybody hands are dirty here, and this is a tragedy when people’s souls are at stake. Christians and the gay community alike. Its kind of like gay people are saying…”since we can’t have our lifestyle and worship with you in spirit and truth, we will make up our own christianity and deceive ourselves.” This is so sad, homosexuality isn’t too big for God to handle and Christians would do well to understand that, and not lead God’s sheep straight to slaughter by not having compassion on them and showing them their error in love.

Here are a few insights from Women in the Bible website. Pretty profound:

At this stage the story contains a great deal of symbolism. The woman herself stood for Samaria, and her five husbands stood for the five alien tribes. The man she was now living with, who was not her true husband, stood for the Samaritan religion.

I also have come to realize that my auntie and I do not serve the same Christ. Her christ is the christ that she has made up so as to not have to turn from her sin, and until she does, it will be a god of her own mind. Which scares me for her, however, it is a wake up call to me to ask myself am I making a God of my own mind to hold to the sin in my life??? Hmmmm, good question, I better keep checking that area so as to not deceive myself. I must turn from my sin no matter how big or small and ask the Lord to search my heart daily to make sure to convict me of the things that are against Him. Don’t get me wrong we sin everyday but I don’t want their to be sin in my life that I refuse to give up or am unrepentant about. I want to be able to give it up even if it takes my whole life to do it, also I want to make moves in my life to show God that I want that sin out of my life.

6 thoughts on “The Samaritan Woman and Homosexuals John 4:16-18

  1. Shazza,

    Thank you for this beautiful and true post. You are absolutely correct in what you wrote. God hates ALL sin, but He loves the sinner, and we must all be careful to examine our own hearts just as you said.

    I think it must break His heart when Christians condemn others for their sins while continuing in their own sin, feeling justified because at least we aren’t doing THAT (whatever that may be)! We must be willing to love sinners and speak the truth to them in love, not judgment, all the while praying fervently for their souls.

    So many times, we push people away from the gospel because we spend so much time condemning them and not enough time lifting Jesus up. We must remember that He said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me.” It is good to confront the sin, but we must also throw out a lifeline (Jesus) so that the people may live.

    This may come out sounding like the ramblings of a sleepy woman and make no sense (I’ve only had 2 hours of sleep), so if it does, please forgive me. 🙂 It was a beautiful post anyway!



    • Hello Cheryl,

      Forgive me for not responding to your comment sooner, I didn’t even realize you sent one, until just now. Thanks so much for the affirmation of this post. I was so passionate about this subject when I first wrote this back in 2010, the lord really spoke to me about the correlation to the Samaritan woman and my aunt. I just added it to my new blog because I thought it was still relevant I’m really enjoying your posts to I’ve been a little busy but tonight I’m going to be reading more I’m so excited about all the women of faith I’m finding on wordpress it’s been a blessing and a encouragement. Blessings to you, luv in Christ…Sharon, or Shazza.


      • Also, Cheryl, yes it’s true that we must lift up the name of Christ in order to share the gospel with the lost, again how will they hear if we don’t tell them??? By God’s grace he uses us to lead them to the light. So we must guide them and not condemn them, Amen!!! Also, your words were very clear and articulate no worries on that score. You write beautifully. Blessings, sister.


  2. Very insightful. Sin has no degree in God’s eye, only humanity ascribes levels to sin. Most people, especially those living in the ‘world’ would not perceive that christian gays are serving gods of their own making. That is a temptation that we all face and have to stay vigilant against but unless you are specifically gifted to fight this evil, I would recommend that you confine your efforts to praying for gay people that believe they are saved because they go to church and pretend to serve Jesus. They are deceived by the devil and they believe in their hearts that they are right. I wish I could quote you the verses but I can’t find them now but I’ve read in the Bible where God says to man, ‘do not engage this evil, it is too big for you to handle. Instead put yourselves away from it and leave it to me, I will handle it in My own way.’

    Humans are not called to fight the battles but to stand on the firing line and watch (witness) what God does. I have had the concerns that you express and I ‘m not saying you’re wrong in wanting to work to solve the problem. Just be careful that you’re not overwhelmed and may God bless you.


    • Thanks Jeff for your encouragement, I’m mostly just praying for my aunt and these people. It just strikes me that she knows so much scripture and yet doesn’t understand that God wants everything from her including her lifestyle. And she is not willing to give it up. I don’t understand how you can really call yourself a Christian and not do the very thing God calls you to for salvation. And when I say do the very thing, I mean ask for God to take this lifestyle away and give her a new lifestyle.


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