Believe God, don’t fear man!!!

I just can’t believe how afraid I am to share the gospel these days, I think it’s because I’ve been out of practice so long. Not only me but the people who love the Lord around me. Being out of practice is so detrimental to the world. It’s like I’m watching the world go to slaughter and I don’t care, but I do care but lately it seems I care more about how I will feel and less about what the world needs. These silly excuses are so irrelevant, they just don’t matter.  I must get back to what the bible commands me to do and start sharing with every stranger I come into contact with. The scripture that keeps blaring in my head right now is…“Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the LORD your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” Dueteronomy 31:6. This fearing man business is so ubiquitous in our culture, it’s all about self-preservation or the ME factor, I just hate it. This is part of the spiritual warfare that, my pastors keeps talking about. I must not be afraid to share the gospel with the lost, because how will they hear if I don’t tell them? God constantly promises to not leave me or forsake me, so why don’t I believe him??? Dear Lord, please help me in my unbelief, please, you’ve never lied so what’s my problem???

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I was listening to a sermon the other day by a dear friend of mine, who said that, before I can share the gospel with others I must be living my life right. So, I guess a way to know if that’s happening is if I’m not afraid to share with someone and especially someone I don’t know. If I am afraid then maybe I need to check my spiritual health, like making sure I’m in the word everyday, so that I know what the gospel is and what I believe, everyday. I guess if I think about this rightly, then I must remember this is why the Lord left me here after my conversion. Primarily, it was to share gospel with others, so then that is what I must do. I must make sure that I’m living what I say I believe in and then GO, as Jesus told his disciples. “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew  20:19, I must make use of every opportunity to do what the Lord commands me, and just stop worrying about how I will be received, it just doesn’t really matter about me it matters about the them!!! I must stop living in my feelings and focus on what is true and good and not on how I feel or what I feel. So this is also my prayer for you as well…Musings&Rants ~ Shazza



5 thoughts on “Believe God, don’t fear man!!!

  1. I enjoyed your openness in this post. I used to worry about “witnessing” – wondering what to say, if I was wise enough, did I know enough, etc. But you know, “witnessing” is not as hard as people sometimes make it out to be. It’s not about always having the right words. Our lives are a witness to others, because no one’s going to listen to our words if our lives don’t line up.

    Also, there is no formula to witnessing. 🙂 Have you ever been in love or known someone who is in love? They just talk and talk about the one they love and they never worry about offending someone. They just talk about all of the things they love about this person. They don’t worry that they don’t know everything about him/her. They share what they know as they know it. When I talk about Jesus, that’s just what I do. He’s easy to talk about because He’s the love of my life, and if you’re willing to listen to me, I’ll share Him with you.

    If someone doesn’t want to hear about Him, I don’t force them to listen, but neither do I keep silent about Him. I talk to Him and I talk about Him because I love Him. I don’t pass out tracts, because that seems so impersonal to me. And whenever someone is upset or asks me to pray for them, I don’t tell them I’ll put them on my prayer list or say, “Ok, I’ll pray for you,” because I might forget. Instead, I stop whatever I’m doing (I’ve stopped working many times) and I pray for that person right then and right there.

    As I read your post, I suspect that you “witness” much more than you know and it’s the kind of witness that ministers more than just telling people about Jesus. This post was a witness. God bless you!


    • Thank you so much for those wonderful words of encouragement. I love what you said about speaking of Jesus in and out of season, so to speak. Speaking of him like he’s the person I love Amen!!!! I needed that push of encouragement because I think I get overwhelmed by all the lost people in my life, that I just don’t know sometimes where to begin. My goal is to witness to the stranger again like I did when I first was saved. I think it’s very true to not forget your testimony and how you received salvation. Blessings to you!!!!


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