My Walk Through OLD SAC…as the locals call it

So I went on a walk after I dropped my daughter off at work. She works in a very touristy place called Old Sacramento. It’s in northern CA or shall I say in the elbow of CA. This is what I saw on my walk after dropping her off. Since I’m not from Sac, it was nice seeing some of the tourist spots.


I also saw these beautiful magenta Petunias and Marigold flowers (the marigolds are my background).

Then I thought let me walk back over to Lani’s work to say hello and see what she needs for lunch. So I walked over to her work and she said “Mom!!!” So I decided to take some pics of her at work, only one really came out right. So, I  bought her some drinks and gave her money for lunch…have a great shift at work Ladybug, and I was out the door.

Lani in her steampunk outfit

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