Elementary, Episode 4


So I watched the 4th episode of Elementary and felt this was pretty much a Monk episode again. I’ve read quite a few blogs and most people seem to think this was closest to the BBC show. However, I don’t agree. I thought It seemed pretty predictable and the writing seemed kind of tedious. This Sherlock is very different to previous Sherlock’s as far as the way he feels things. He seems to exhibit quite a lot of emotion, and twitching.

I thought the creators were only doing 3 episodes, but I was mistaken. I did notice that he was playing it with a little bit more independence from the captain and the assistant. The thing that frustrates me about these detective shows with peculiar starring characters is they seem to always do the same song and dance, as far not having confidence in the detectives deducing skills. I wish they would just believe that these people know what there doing and stop all the arguing with them. For goodness sake they asked them to do come and take a look at the crime scene, right? So this show was no different in that aspect of most of these kind of shows. The BBC show doesn’t seem to take that same stance. The police do question Sherlock in that show but it’s not the main thing, it’s the side thing. But these American shows seem to go on and on with it and it just get’s annoying. All that to say, they need to step it up and get to the antagonist character and stop making repeats of Monk. I’m ready for them to bring on the heavy hitter, MORIARTY already!!!! Ok enough said. Musings&Rants ~ Shazza.

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