Lani’s day before halloween outfit…and halloween.

A new alias…Chrysy Davenport

So my daughter as a little girl didn’t get to go trick or treating. So now since she’s an adult she has an obsession with this day. Thinking more about the whole not letting my daughter trick or treat I think I would let her do it if I had it to do over again. I just would lay down some guidelines…being that I’m a Christian. I would let her go to parties and knock on doors for candy but whatever her costume she picked, she couldn’t be any kind of monster or killer…(here she’s protecting innocent farm animals, all part of her character.) In fact she would have make her costume because then she would have to her use creative gifts. That being said, the costumes that people MAKE for their kids are always  more adorable. Anyway, this is Lani’s creation I think she did a pretty good job. Way to go Ladybug, oops I mean Chrysy Davenport!!! John and Jose are our friends and John is in the glowing white ghost costume glow added by pixlr, costume homemade.

John & Jose

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