Elementary 5

Well to sum up the last few episodes of Elementary, I have to say it’s not that exciting. Elementary feels like every other detective show on TV. Some of the acting is good but over all I just think the show needs something more.

Elementary, episode 5

Maybe, if they brought Moriarty into the mix., or got rid of Lucy Liu. There’s just something all together missing in this series. I hope if the show continues they get some more constructive criticism from the audience watching the show, who I’m sure are desperately to trying not to compare this show to the BBC show. Maybe, they just need to trust the audience more and not feel they have to explain every last detail to us. Give the audience some credit already let us deduce this stuff ourselves. I’m just trying to think outside of the box. More than anything this show may not work in the long run, I just wonder how long the run will be before they say enough already. ~ Shazza, Musings&Rants.

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