Creativity, is it in the genes, or learned behavior?

In contemplating this question I’m thinking it must be in the genes, because I don’t think I have a creative bone in my body. I think I can be creative but it’s always a piggy back off what someone else has thought up already. And that can be frustrating. But enough about me, whew, that can get boring. I want to talk about my daughter.

My daughter, is extremely gifted in the arts. I would say she is able to create things from nothing. If that makes sense? I don’t want to seem as if I’m bragging about her I’m just thinking how wonderful it would be to be able to do that. It’s fascinating to watch creative people in their creative process mode. For, example when she starts thinking through an idea about whatever she wants to make, she’ll start throwing ideas out there at me, and she get’s this glazed look in her I eyes and I can almost hear her thinking. The most fascinating part is she goes and gets the materials she think she needs and begin her project. This stuff just comes over her, not like she’s being commissioned to do the work, (which I don’t think she’s ever been paid for by the way) she just gets an idea and starts running with the project.

In my mind that’s having confidence in your abilities, maybe even a bit of arrogance. Perhaps, we all need a little more of this. I don’t see this as a fault because it gets things accomplished. Where as, the perfectionist is afraid to even begin because they don’t want to fail or have to start over, and over…(me). What a stumbling block, getting in the way of myself and not allowing things to flow out naturally. Second guessing and self-doubt just make me angry. Oops I digressed again, this is not about me but the observations of someone who is very different from me.

I like talking about some of the interesting things my daughter has made, I think the one I’m most blessed by is her latest creation. A veil she made for her friend for her wedding. This was an amazing feat. She did it in about 8 months off and on, and what was lovely is that she had offered to do this with only doing one other veil for another friend’s wedding that her friend never used. So much intricate bead work around the edges of the veil, and of course no good pics, why is that? Anyway, I observed this creative process and was so blessed by it, and excited that she was doing what she loves. I also was mesmerized, and excited to see the finish product which came out great thank goodness. I was so worried when her friend was walking down they aisle to the altar that it would just start unraveling down her back, but it didn’t. Well done Ladybug success again!

I can’t take any credit for this veil, except for keeping her on task when she would get distracted. But the talent came directly from her and her dad. The amazing part about that is, he had very little influence in her young life. She visited him on occasion but for the most part he wasn’t around very much and yet, there it is. She’s just like him which is where my question began, is it genes or learned behavior? If I tried to answer it I would probably say a little a both maybe she was creative and she just honed it in herself. I don’t know but it’s been a process coming a long for a while, and she pretty much taught herself everything she knows. When you need to express yourself it has to come out somehow which for me is why I blog, so for her it creating things. I can’t wait to see what she’s excellent at, I haven’t seen that yet, but I’ve seen very good a lot.


Wedding Veil that Lani made

Here are some insights I found about this question:

Thus, escape from a major myth that creativity has a large inherited part. This myth leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy: nothing can harm a high creative person, and nothing can help a low creative person. Not so on both accounts.

First, most creativity skills are probably not inherited as shown by the research on identical and fraternal twins.

Second, you can learn creativity procedures and enhance creative thinking skills.

Third, creativity is greatly affected by the job environment and other external factors.

Finally, success as a creative person depends not only on creativity procedures, but also on talent and ability (inherited or otherwise), motivation to be creative, and on interpersonal skills in selling ideas.

Here is a devastating creativity-spoiling habit…thinking you are not creative. This negative put-down of yourself spoils your attempts to be creative. Keep in mind that creativity procedures are learned, not inherited. You can learn to be more creative by learning advanced creativity procedures. ~ Edward Glassman, PhD was the President of the Creativity College®

Well, I guess that can be an encouragement to someone like me. Don’t think I’m not creative and I will be creative. Anyway, I guess my daughter’s father had more influence on her then I thought going by this doctor’s assessment, creativity is learned. Interesting, he left more positive impressions on her that stuck even though their visits were minimal at best. I’m glad for that, that’s encouraging.

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