I got scared the other night…

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Humility is a wonderful teaching tool!!! Sometimes, God has to remind us of our mortality, and he does this very imaginatively. Wake up calls can be quite a scary thing though. If I had to choose between a wake up call and a piece of chocolate, I would pick the chocolate. What’s interesting about this wake up call is that, this came on me suddenly, and after I started to take care of myself better. By eating right and exercising more which puzzles me. Why the wake up call after I stopped smoking cigarettes, started losing weight and eating right??? I guess timing is everything because I just started to get a little lazy with all of this in the last 2 months. Which perhaps means God was telling me “DON’T STOP, KEEP IT PUSHIN.” At least that’s the quiet voice I hear.

The reason I got scared is I had an arrhythmia attack two night’s ago, which is not a heart attack but deals with the heart. The medical definition is: an abnormal cardiac rate or rhythm. The condition is caused by a failure of the sinus node to maintain its pacemaker function or by a defect in the electrical conduction system. Examples of arrhythmia include bradycardia, ectopic beat, heart block, and tachycardia.  I had tachycardia, rapid heart beat. Which caused me to have to go emergency and get checked out. I never thought this would happen to me again. I had this same thing happen about 10 years ago but it I don’t think was as serious, or maybe they didn’t have the technology to fix me as fast as the other night. This experience this time had me truly worried I was so scared I wasn’t going to walk out of that hospital, since when this happened 10 years ago they didn’t put me under anesthesia, that time and there weren’t 11 people in the curtain partiton staring at monitors. Last time it was something like,”bear down like your having a baby to kick start your heart back to normal.” And eventually well more like 12 hours later my heart was beating normal again. This time there was all kinds of drama, but I guess they ameliorated their procedures.

For one, I got right in, that never happens in the ER, no waiting, then when I laid in the bed they hooked me up to monitors and wires and such, not just an EKG. Also, as soon as they put all the equipment on me all the alarms were ringing, then they brought the crash cart and stickered me up to shock my heart. And there were about 10 people plus the doctor in my room as well. To say the least I wasn’t expecting all of this. I was surprised it was such a bigger deal this time. The first time this happened I was 37 and 10 years later this happened again and seemed much more serious. They kept asking me how old I was, I kept telling them, then they were saying “wow, you look pretty good to be going through this,” then I started really getting scared. They also kept asking each other if they were ready. Now, I was praying like a mad woman. I thought to myself, I feel like an episode of ER or Grey’s Anatomy, dear lord GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!

Hospital Bracelet

On the brighter side of this story, I got into the ER at about 2am and I was out of there by 430am…instead of it taking 12 hours and a lot of bearing down. This took 2 1/2 hours and I felt better. Praise the Lord for his goodness to me. The other interesting part was that they had to put me under to slow my heart down and shock it 3 times to get me back into a normal beat. At the time my heart was beating at a rate of 200 beats per minute when my heart should be beating between 80 and 100 bpms, so it was important that they do this fast. They only put me out for 15 mins, all I can say is that anesthesia is amazing and powerful and short acting. I thought they hadn’t yet started when I started coming too. Thank you lord for those doctors and nurses they were amazing, and their getting a big batch of cookies for their care of me!!! I’m so grateful!!! The scripture I’m thinking of is…

Isaiah 41:10
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. And he did just that!!!

2 thoughts on “I got scared the other night…

    • Thanks Wendy I’m glad too, here is something to remember if you ever have a major organ situation at home always call 911!!! Don’t let your husband or kids take you to emergency. Also, thanks for commenting on my site, I’m off to your site now.


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