Argo, no spoiler

The cast of Argo

First off this movie was AMAZING!!! I don’t think there was one bad thing about it. Every since Ben Affleck was in The Town I’ve liked him. Before that movie I didn’t care for him or the roles he picked. Since he got married and older he’s ameliorated his movies in all aspects.  His directing is brilliant, he’s honed in his craft, and he knows how to tell a story.  He’s no longer the lucky kid who got a big break making a clever movie…I’m speaking of Good Will Hunting. This story was mature, had intrigue, suspense, some humor and seemed fairly accurate based on what I remember from history, being a little kid when this actually happened. I like that they told the story from the Iranian perspective which gave the movie validity and showed Americans in not such a great light. There was no propaganda going on here. It wasn’t America the great, it was, America you better get out of our business and mind your own. Oh, and I hope Alan Arkin and Bryan Cranston get a Oscar for this performance they were brilliant as usual. Okay, I won’t say anymore, just go see it and enjoy. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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