“Flight”, no spoiler

Denzel Washington in “Flight.”

So I watched Flight, and I thought this movie was pretty good, I liked the moral of the story and what I found interesting was hearing all the references to God. This is huge for me because I haven’t really liked Denzel Washington in anything since Glory, and that was a long time ago. I think that was 1989. Anyway, I thought he was very believable as a pilot with some addiction problems. I thought the directing was very well done also. Then there’s Don Cheadle, who seems to always pick interesting believable roles, I never know what he will do, he seems to surprise me all the time. Sometimes he plays a guy who has a chip on his shoulder and other times he plays a man of some racial privilege. Perhaps this is because he doesn’t always play the leading man, and I think this gives him more range, something I think Denzel should have considered doing in his earlier career. I digressed though, the story was good, the movie moved along pretty well for being over 2 hours. The only thing I must criticize is the way they portrayed the co pilot who was a christian. I feel they always misrepresent Christian’s and this gets pretty old, same old distortions that make Christianity seem like it’s for crazy people (sigh). Making us seem like we are all very manic and off kilter. Outside of that I thought the movie was decent except for the language. So be ready for a lot of F bombs, rated “R” is something else these day, but go see it and you be the judge. Musings&Rants ~ Shazza

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