Wreck it Ralph, no spoilers

Wreck it Ralph, is a very clever animated movie from Disney. This one had a great story line, not too scary for the young kidlets and the voice acting was exceptional. John C. Reilly is an amazing actor, he’s got great talent and good timing. He can play funny roles, dramatic roles, and silly roles and I am always rooting for him. He’s an easy actor to like, perhaps because he has an every man’s face. He’s very plain but you like him because he knows he’s plain and yet still wants the same things everybody wants, love and acceptance. What else is great is that he can carry a leading role with his looks. Not every plain actor can pull this off. He was a brilliant choice to do the voice of this role and yet I could totally see him playing this for real. I wonder if Disney has looked for a vehicle for him for a while? It seems like they have, based on how good a fit he was for Wreck it Ralph. All of the voices were exceptional. Very well written, with a good moral to the story. I would say you could take a child of 6 or 7 to see this movie without worrying too much about the violence level or the scariness levels. This is a good family movie go see it, because all the great familiar old video game characters are there. I give it an A. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

The cast of Wreck it Ralph

2 thoughts on “Wreck it Ralph, no spoilers

  1. Thank you for taking the time to do this review! I think we’ll definitely be taking the kids to see it. LOL – I though you said “He’s an easy actor to like, perhaps because he has an EVIL man’s face.” Haha, I had to re-read it! Oooohhh, an EVERY man’s face. 😀


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