Elementary, episode 8

Elementary, Sherlock exercising his mind

The long fuse, was a bit more entertaining than the last few episodes. I enjoyed the interaction with the woman Sherlock was attracted to. Because always interacting with Watson is boring to say the least. I keep wondering how they will end the season finale? Will he get back on drugs, will Watson end up falling for him, will Moriarty come on the scene??? Or maybe all the above will happen. This show was better thought out and seemed to flow smoothly. I was interested for the most part through the show. What’s frustrating is with the BBC series I can watch the show multiple times but with this show, once is more than enough, except for maybe one or two scenes.

Jonny Miller is starting to hone in his quirky behavior, as Sherlock and it’s becoming easier to watch, I liked the end scene when he decides to accept the sponsor that Lucy recommends. Will somebody please help Lucy Liu learn how to act!!! Oh and where is Mrs. Hudson??? The show was a little better but still needs some more recurring characters to give the show a little more personality. All of the co-stars so far are just boring. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

2 thoughts on “Elementary, episode 8

  1. Agree with you about the less than appealing performances of co-stars.

    I am guessing Allistair (whom we met in ‘Flight Risk’) will either be Mycroft or Moriarty. Hope the latter is true!


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