Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

SCHOOL-SHOOTINGSo here we are again facing these same questions about why and how someone could do such a horrible crime to anyone, let alone children??? How can we live with such folly??? Well the answers to this question is in and has always been in the bible. The bible is so clear about why these things happen, not that they immediately console us but the answers are definitely there. The answer is also unsympathetic, and they can definitely make us think that God is unloving, but this is also an untruth. The scripture that keeps popping in my head is…

Romans 5:20,21 ~ The Law came in so that the transgression would increase; but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more, so that, as sin reigned in death, even so grace would reign through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

What this means is, that because of sin in the world, God’s perfect grace will redeem us ultimately if we trust in him. Meaning even though this life is temporal and subject to the folly of this world. We can rest in the fact that our eternal life is promised and Christ came to die for our eternal well beings, and no one of any kind can snatch that promise away from us not even a crazed madman with a automatic rifle. Our eternal salvation is secure with him if we have trusted in him and what his work did. Now that’s encouragement. Luke 17:33 ~ Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will keep it. To paraphrase this, losing ourselves in Christ is really the only way to keep our eternal life secure, how? By, trusting in Christ and his death and Resurrection and by losing ourselves in his word and loving his word. Also, by casting all of our cares on him, including focusing on our eternity with him. But struggling to keep ourselves from harm in this life, is the surest way to not spend eternity with God, in the next. By this I mean, idolizing this life and it’s pleasures, by trying to ensure that we are always safe and away for harms way, this can’t be done anyway and shouldn’t ultimately be our focus. This life is nothing but a blip on the screen, compared to what eternity means, now that is being safe and secure. Plus an eternity with Christ is a way better promise then living in a fallen, unrepentant world, where people can kill you on a whim, and only because you will be missed by someone who loves you.

Then there is the phrasing everyone uses when, these things happen, and that is, “we moved to this town to get away from the violence, because it’s supposed to be safer here.” The question I must ask is, why do people think they can run from sin, when it lives in us? Sin prevails because everyone in this world is a sinner. So trying to escape this is foolish as well as impossible. Although, we hate when we are affected by another’s sin, but what about God, and the sin in us? What about the decision to abort our babies isn’t that as horrible as this massacre?  He has in his grace tolerated our sin, for now, but he won’t forever. So why would we think we can escape sin, and all sin’s consequences? Not only that but innocent children? REALLY? How many innocent children do you know? Mine is not innocent, and I’m quite sure the school kids that died were not innocent either. Not that they should die in such a horrible way, but none of us can claim that we should be shielded from folly because we might be kids, we’ve all offended a holy God. Now, I do understand that for some to understand this they would have to accept the presupposition that we are all sinners and deserve death. But even, someone who doesn’t agree with that, they should understand that bad people do bad things and that all of us have done something bad, so that would include EVERYONE.

Now, we can think of doing bad things in degrees, but that is not how God see’s bad. If we disobey our parents at anytime we are considered bad in God’s eyes. So I think these things will continue to happen as longs as we refuse to acknowledge our sin against a holy God. Having said that, I will be praying for the parents of these children. I hope they find the peace that surpasses all understanding,  in Christ Jesus ~ Philippians 4:7.  Also, realizing that their children were ushered in to the Lords presence is reassuring, so now it’s up to the parents to meet them there. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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