I love the way you write it moves me. I love you Khrys, blessings.


Where do you seek God in the midst of a horrific, senseless tragedy?

Where was He? Didn’t He see this unstable gunman? Didn’t He anticipate his evil thoughts? Why didn’t He step in and stop this?

How can a loving God allow innocent children and adults to become the pawns in some sick person’s mind?

Sadly, a loving God allows such tragedies for His own purposes.

Many of us are crying; never having set foot in the state, county or school. We never knew these children, or their families. We never will. Our hearts still break with disbelief, shock and horror. Our tears still flood our cheeks as if everyone of those children were ours. We cry for the families and wish there was something concrete we could do for them. We wonder about our own kids and, yes, some of us have headed to our children’s schools to pull…

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