Lincoln, no spoilers

Period pieces can sometimes leave me thinking, is this adaptation anything like the real person??? Then I wonder if they may be trying to manipulate me into liking the person they are telling the story about? Anyway, however they tell the story especially about someone who isn’t alive anymore, I always wonder if they have the story correct? Whatever the case maybe with this movie it was good. I enjoyed it, I don’t usually like movies about slavery days, because they leave me feeling kind of empty inside. Especially ones that Steven Spielberg directs. Ever since he directed Amistad I haven’t liked his period pieces. Having said that, I really like his directing in this movie. Because this story wasn’t really about slaves, as much as slavery and abolishing this horrible institution.

Daniel Day Lewis as "Lincoln"
Daniel Day Lewis as “Lincoln”

The portrayal was of a very moral man who had a hint of spirituality, and didn’t know enough about slaves to hate them like a lot of the south did. I also, learned a lot of things they didn’t teach me in school, that’s why I really hope this was fairly accurate. I know I’m repeating myself but very well done! He wasn’t a tyrant who just wanted the popular vote and he was risking his life for what he believed, literally. And Daniel Day Lewis should get an Oscar nod for this performance, he was excellent in this role as well as Sally Fields, as Lincoln’s wife. Also, Tommy Lee Jones should get one, playing an old staunch politician, he’s finally found his niche and they used him correctly in a movie after all these years. Look how long it took him to get a role that was worthy of his acting talents. Excellent casting and costumes right down to the hair styles, so I’m thinking this movie will be an Oscar favorite. Having said that, I give it an A. You can take your older kids so they can get a little history, I think about 12 or 13 no younger. Also it wasn’t to graphic with very little language if any. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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