Jack Reacher

jack_reacher-003Ok I was happily surprised by this movie with Tom Cruise, I thought he acted the same way he always acts but he was still interesting in this role. I was a little worried when the movie first started but by a quarter of the way though the movie got better. The action was exceptional, and seemed like for as old as Tom is, he does most of his stunts!!! This was impressive, and the muscle cars, OUTSTANDING!!!

jack reacher
Rosamund Pike

This movie you can take your teens to, very little language and no sex, also very nice. That’s the best part of the last few movies I’ve reviewed, no awkwardness in the movie with kids, just plain old fashion bad guy and good guy stuff. I give Reacher a B because of the violence factor. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants PS. Only thing there was a bit of cleavage, there, enough said.                                                             

3 thoughts on “Jack Reacher

  1. LOL, “acts the way he always acts”…he DOES always act the same, doesn’t he?! Not a very versatile actor, but good at what he does play! 😉


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