Going to see Frankenweenie I must say was good fun, I enjoyed this movie tremendously.  It was so well directed by Tim Burton, who also directed the live action Frankenweenie, from 1984. He really told the story well. All the voice actors from Catherine O’Hara to Martin Landau, were excellent. What I really thought was clever was how well the story flowed, also the great stop motion animation.frankenweenie-kids-500x259 As well as the market target. I would say little kids from about 5 could go see this movie, and parents will enjoy it as well. It wasn’t scary like Paranorman even though it was supposed to be kind of a thriller. Oh I forgot the end song for the credits was super appropriate and cute. There was a great little moral and every character got their just desserts for their actions. Well done Tim Burton. I liked it a lot, I give it a A!!! Shazza ~Musings& Rants PS, OH MY GOODNESS MY DAUGHTER JUST SHOWED ME HOW TO ADD YOUTUBE VIDEOS TO MY BLOG SHE HAS CREATED A MONSTER!!! ANYWAY, CHECK OUT THIS SONG IT SO CUTE. THANKS LADYBUG 🙂

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