My earliest memory…

What is your earliest memory? Describe it in detail, and tell us why you think that experience was the one to stick with you. ~ Daily Prompt WordPress.

winnie the pooh

My first memory is of me climbing out of my crib after my dad left for work, running into the bedroom with my mom and jumping in the bed with her. I remember I had a pair of yellow Winnie the Pooh onesie foot pajamas, that she would put on me every night after my bath, sometimes she would change them up to pink one’s. The yellow one’s had Winnie embroidered on them and the pink one’s had Piglet. I remember running across the floor making dragging foot noises, holding the bottle that my dad made for me and gave to me in my crib because I would always be standing up waiting for him to bring it too me.  My mom said that she would wait every morning to hear a thump and then plastic feet running into her and jumping into bed. I remember her always changing my diaper when I jumped in the bed. She would always talk to me and say, “did you jump out of your crib again?”  pooh piglet

I think this memory sticks with me the most because, the memory has to do with my mom who is now deceased. As well as having something to do with my dad. Because, they didn’t stay together long after that. So this is a really nice memory of them both together. Both of them are deceased actually, and sometimes I think they should both still be alive since I’m old but not in my 50’s or 60’s. I guess that’s me being sentimental about my parents. Perhaps, I think about it because it seems kind of like a dream sequence, something that I thought happened but maybe didn’t really happen. Although, I asked my mom about this and she confirmed it, saying, “yes that did happen, how do you remember that?” “You were 1 or so at the time.” I said to her, “I guess it’s something that sticks in my mind, maybe because it was so hard to get out of the crib, every morning.” Whatever the reason for remembering these things, I’m glad that I did remember because it helps me think of her and the sweet memory of her taking care of me, since so much of our early childhood we don’t remember. However, we do seem to remember a lot of bad memories, the good one’s somehow slip away and that’s so unfortunate. I’m so thankful that I do remember this because it makes me smile thinking about the both of them, RIP mom and dad, blessings. Shazza ~Musings&Rants

4 thoughts on “My earliest memory…

  1. Thanks for sharing that memory. It’s a great memory. All too often, it’s the bad memories that tend to stick with us, so I’m glad you have a good one to remember. Many blessings to you Shazza!



  2. Thanks for sharing that Mom you have really early memories, I can’t rival that. I don’t think I can remember back that far. It’s interesting how our brains work, God really is amazing. Amazing how our memories work.


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