The Guilt Trip

rogen-streisand-guiltOk so Barbara Streisand has very good comedic timing, and I’ve always loved her as a strong female personality in her movies, so I was happy to go see this one. Having said that, the movie lacked good writing. There was not much story and I didn’t appreciate the way Seth Rogen’s character treated his mother in this movie, played by Barbara Streisand. I wanted to like this movie, but the writing didn’t match the strength of the actors playing the parts, the two actors tried to give the audience a good perfomance, but there just wasn’t that much to work with. I think the premise was interesting but it didn’t have any meat behind it. Just constant bickering from the two characters. I do actually think that these two work well together, they just needed better writing to get them there. I would definitely wait for this one on DVD. I give it a C. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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