Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

I would like to get better at reading my bible everyday with no exceptions…!!!

If I could do this I know I would be ready for whatever spiritual warfare that might come my way. This would be a blessing to my soul. I haven’t missed a day since the 1st but the excuses I come up with already are making me a little nervous, I must keep it pushin!!!! Ignore the excuses and do what is right!imagejpeg_5-001

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

  1. Have you chosen a specific goal each day or is it a general “read the Bible” goal? I have made a vow, so to speak, to read 7 minutes of the Word nightly and the only time I missed it in over a year was when my little one was sick and I was nursing him and I zonked out for hours! I felt SOOO guilty when I woke up! Anyway, my point is that with a small, attainable goal, it IS possible to keep a commitment to something you find important. 🙂 Also, choosing a specific time can make a huge difference too. It becomes a habit! 😀


    • I have been doing the Professor James Horner bible devotions, I will send you a link, but that’s it I must do it at the same time everyday and I think it will become more of a habit, yes, I think you hit the nail on the head. Thanks for the encouragement Valerie, kiss that cute little kidlet of yours for me!!!!


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