Norman Rockwell @ Crocker Art Museum

Cover of Saturday Evening Post 06-04-1921
Cover of Saturday Evening Post 06-04-1921

DSCN3160So my daughter and I went to the museum to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit. It was lovely, and very crowded because today was the second to the last day to see this before it moved on to a different city. I was fortunate enough to see it in my life time, seeing all the magazine prints he did from the Saturday Evening Post.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take pics inside the show because of copyright issues, so the only pic I got was outside in front of the museum. There were people at the museum that drove in from Los Angeles, CA., which is about 8 hours south of Sacramento, CA., because the exhibit wasn’t going to southern CA, which is kinda sad. I got in right under the wire because the exhibit ends tomorrow. What a lovely piece of Americana I saw today. I’m glad I went. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

Borrowed picture, from
Borrowed picture, from

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