Frankenweenie (1984)

Shelly Duvall, Barret Oliver, and Sparky 1984

Wow, I just watched the live action version of the animated movie, it was about 30 minutes long and was not very well acted. However, it was cute. It must have been one of Tim Burton’s first movies. It was like a movie short before a main feature. I really enjoyed it because it wasn’t big budget and the concept was good. I’m not surprised I never saw this, it wouldn’t have been in my demographic at the time. Since I had just graduated from high school the year before, and I didn’t appreciate kid movies, till I had a kid. I also just found out that Disney fired Tim Burton right after making this movie because they said he was wasting their money, and it was too scary for kids? However, after he became famous they released a censored version on VHS, it’s very interesting how things change. This was at a time when special effects were simple to unrealistic, and before they rehired Tim, and gave him big budget money! Where have those days gone, I ask you, where? Also, the cast featured Daniel Stern, The Wonder Years, Shelly Duvall, The Shining and, Sophia Coppola as a kid, who directed Lost In Translation, with Bill Murray.  220px-Frankenweenie_(1984_film)_posterI give it a B+, I liked it. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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