Ladybug Life Lessons (update)

Happy Lani 18 years oldWell, Lani (Ladybug) decided to stay with it and pick another trade. She picked security even though she said, “I really don’t see that as my future.” I reminded her that something else can come of it, even if she picks this field of training, and who knows maybe she will like it. I, however, understand her unenthusiastic attitude, she was also told, when she finishes this trade she can take the one she desires, so she said “okay.”

So, I’m happy to say we have a happy ending here, and I’m sure God will bless her being flexible about this glitch. I’m so pleased that she decided to submit to her Lord and handle her disappointment graciously. I’m encouraged, and convicted, by her example. Thanks Ladybug, for showing great maturity in Christ. May I one day be this mature, when things don’t go my way! Psalm 150:6 ~ Let everything that has breath praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Shazza ~ Musings&Rants.

So, here is where you muse/rant about what I've mused/ranted about...

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