Dead Man Down

Dead Man Down had a decent story line and yet I’m not sure I really liked it. I thought the acting was decent and the writing had moments. It’s a revenge story about a man and recompense for his family, and so the story goes. The lady lead has a back story of revenge as well. However, the back stories of the characters never really moved me to really care about them. Having said that I give this movie a B-. The antagonist Terrence Howard was pretty good, and the lead Colin Ferrell is starting to come into his own now. Having enjoyed him in, Seven Psychopaths, and, In Brudge. He’s playing a person with an american accent in this movie, which he does pretty well. However, I like him better in his natural accent, because he seems more relaxed. Which makes sense, so in this movie he seemed a little stiff. Having said that, my daughter liked this movie a lot more than I did, that’s surprising.The lady lead Naomi Rapace, who starred DMD_MG_109_fin5a.tifin, Sherlock Holmes, A Game Of Shadows, said her lines pretty well but other than that, I wasn’t really sure what she was about. Her mother in the movie however, was more interesting and I wished they had developed her character more. I also appreciated the mother/daughter relationship here, I think they should explore that relationship more in movies, in a positive way, like in this movie. Isabelle Huppert, a french actor who starred in, Amour, was very entertaining and seemed to scene steal whenever she was on camera. I love when co stars do that, or, cameo appearances, that always takes the movie up a notch because it seems unexpected by everyone involved. Anyway, the movie has some language and one sex scene which gave the movie an R rating. If you are a fan of Terrence and Colin you should like this movie although you probably won’t care for the characters too much, they were mean and nasty. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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