Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime!!! (Phonoegraphy)

starbucks 1Ok so, I thought about this a long time and was thinking, I would use a pic that I already had for this challenge. But if I’m being honest then I should use the exact things this challenge called for. So, because I was being lazy today, and didn’t really eat anything, I went to Starbucks and had a Iced Decaf Grande Mocha no whip, and that was my lunch. I know it isn’t exciting or pretty to look at, but it’s what was for lunch. Maybe later on this weekend I will have something more exciting, and take a phone pic of that, but for now that’s it, and we’re done!!! Also, this was a very good mocha, because they pulled the shot correctly and didn’t leave it sitting to long. The longer the shot sits under the cuppachino machine the more bitter it tastes, and when you pay $4 for a cup of coffee it should be the very best it can be in these economic times. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

imagejpeg_2 (7)-001

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