The Call

The Call, is a thriller about a young woman who gets kidnapped in a mall, and the 911 operator that tries to help her. Halle Berry, Monsters Ball, played the 911 person and I have to say she was decent but not great, unfortunately. I don’t think that was her fault though, I don’t know how much more any actor could have done with the confines of a computer and the headset she was wearing. The girl, Abigail Breslin, Little Miss Sunshine, playing the victim had much more room to act and did a great job. The CallThe movie had some good moments and suspense, and it was entertaining overall, so the movie gets a B. With out giving anything away, it was nice to see the landscape of Los Angeles, my hometown, and I have never seen the LA freeways that uncongested. I wonder what mountains they had to move to make that happen? They made LA look like it wasn’t the overcrowded, overrun, and encumbered, place that it really is, I guess that’s Hollywood. The movie had pretty good pace, and gave me a new-found appreciation for the job those operators do. Not that I didn’t think that job was a tough one, but it goes way past leaving your work at work, when you leave for home. The movie was rated R for language and the graphic nature, but outside of those things, no sex (yay). Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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