Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense in Flowers

So the weekly challenge calls for things that have a future tense. Well flowers usually always have a past, present, and future tense, and the changes are drastic. You first start with buds, then you have beautiful baby flowers, then the best part is the full blossom. After that, the direct effects of too much weather, and sun, to the final death of the flower. Flowers have such a short shelf life it reminds me of, how short our life is. It’s actually kind of sad when you see them dying. I’m of course going to focus on what happens in the middle process but looking toward the end of their life. I took these pics as I was taking my walk this morning, with my cheap camera phone, it’s really surprising me!!!

First there is the Dandelion:dandilion 1 This is how they begin in the grass…dandilion

Then there’s the middle stage of this flower when the seeds blow off the flower and create more. This one is just about to head into that stage. Also, since it’s considered a weed there is a great disdain for this flower!!!!

walk 2

Also, there’s another flower called Alyssum, which has a hardy life, it’s considered an all year around flower these flowers are great for landscaping and so beautiful. Kind of a fill in flower and they have a bright future, unlike the dandelion’s future. These seem very vibrant in the summer months.blog pics Shazza ~ Musings&Rants ©

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense in Flowers

    • Well thanks a lot I appreciate your comment, I had no idea if this would make sense to others, but I’m glad it did. Can I just say I love your poems, and I will be back often to your blog for more God centered encouragment!!! Blessings Debbie.


  1. It’s a crown made of dandelion flowers. There’s a post showing my daughter wearing one. I’ve made them since I was a little child. If you like you can look in April 2012. It’s an April 23rd “how to study” post.


    • Will do I will check out tomorrow I was admitted to the hospital yesterday, but I’m home now, so I’m going to bed, thanks for the heads up can’t wait to check it out!!!


    • Thanks Wendy,
      I love taking pics of flowers and when I get one with my camera phone I’m so jazzed. Because it’s convenient. My daughter has a really high def camera and I use that for my rose pics. But mostly it’s just luck.

      Blessings, Shazza


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