Super Sweet Blogging Award…wowwee!!!


How funny, I haven’t said the word “WowWee”, in a hundred years, but that’s how I feel about this award I’ve just been given. I think it’s so fun to tag someone else with an award after you get yours what a great idea. I must say since joining WordPress, it’s been great fun meeting so many people from all over the world. Blogging is Bombastically, Fantastic, especially here on WordPress. Ok enough hype about WP. Now to the wonderful person who nominated me for this award!!!

Sunshine, thanks so much for this wonderful, thoughtful, beautiful award. I’m so thankful, wow that’s a lot of ful’s in that sentence. Anyway, your super sweet to give me this award and I receive it gratefully…there’s another one. So, let me brag on my newest blog friend Sunshine. She has an awesome blog and the main theme of this blog is, she is super positive. She is clever in her writing style and how she communicates to her audience. One of the ways is through her associate, Chuckles, who is her dog. So I guess I need to give he/she not sure yet, a shout out as well, thanks Chuckles, your awesome too. Okay, so back to Sunshine, oh and did I already say she is super chipper? I love these kinds of people, the are so refreshing to have in life, so needed, so motivating etc. So, her blog is called Simply Charming, are you surprised??? She has a great handle on happiness, and it is simply charming. So having said all of this, let me get to the qualifications to except this award, ready?

Now, Chuckles revised rules* for awards and tag game:

Answer the question listed below, nominate other blog friends (if you want) and post the award logo somewhere on your blog. Oh, and send a link to the nominees so they are aware you are giving them the award and/or tag game.

Here is your question nominees to get your awards:

Name the one thing you are grateful for today (excluding this tag game/blog award.)

I am grateful for my roommate Regina, she is a lovely person, who loves God with all her heart, soul, and mind. She’s a loving mom, and grand mom and she has an amazing way of being excited about something. Almost like a child, it’s so adorable, and when she is on board with something she is almost if not literally jumping up and down about it. It’s kind of hard to explain but I love this woman, she is a dear friend in Christ and so easily excitable.

Now for my nominee shout outs:

  • Atlanta mom of three ~ she get’s this because she is sweet, great, etc…one of her main topics is her kids her post today is on pinterest. 
  • Burning Fire Shut Up In My Bones ~ Gets a shout out for her devotion to the Lord she’s amazing too. Her feature today is…Truth or Lie, and its good readin!!!

More to come but goodbye for now. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants ©

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