So excited for ladybug!!!

Well my ladybug has received gold status at Job Corps. Which means she is now able to leave the campus without passes anytime after school is over. This is great news, because to get gold status you have to take part in lots of extra curricular activities. Lots of volunteering and joining clubs on campus etc…I’m so pleased that she is motivated. Something that I lacked when I was her age, but she isn’t just like her mother thank goodness.

2Lani cheesin at the job corps sign after church.

This also, means that she can now move into a dorm that she only shares with one other roommate, which is also good, less personalities to contend with, and she gets a private fridge in the her new room. Which means she no longer has to eat everything they serve her, she can bring a fresh salad to dinner now and she’s jazzed about being able to eat a little healthier. Anyway, way to go ladybug be blessed!!! Shazza ~ Musings&Rants


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