Five Random Facts About My Blog

Five random factsGoing off my friend Atlanta mom of Three’s blog, I decided to make my own 5 random facts. What a lovely idea she thought up, she comes up with them all the time. I love you Valerie…Anyway, here are some things to know that might be obvious but I will tell you anyway.

  1. I love to talk about my daughter on my blog, because she is the joy of my heart!
  2.  Sometimes I wish I had picked another name for my blog, but then again no.
  3. I really love my friends on wordpress you are all so lovely. 
  4. I really love taking pics of flowers, they are so lovely.
  5. I love talking about the Lord in my blog the most I think, because it encourages me to read and understand scripture better. 

4 thoughts on “Five Random Facts About My Blog

  1. Hallelujah! I love reading and talking about the Lord, about your beautiful daughter, your sweet friendship, your flower pictures (especially the purple ones you now have as a background — though I know all things are subject to change with you!), and as for the name of your blog, it’s appropriate, as you share your musings and rants with us. 😀

    Much love to you, my friend,


    • Cheryl, I love you I feel like such a superstar when you encourage me in the Lord. I’m so grateful to have you as a friend and fellow sister in Christ. Thanks for being my friend. Shazza 🙂


  2. YEP, I knew those things!! You have a great attitude and outlook on life and your daughter is blessed to have you as her mother! ❤


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