Daily Prompt: Unknown Caller/Being Negligent

You receive a call from an unexpected person. Who is it, and what is the conversation about? Go!

The phone rings while I’m driving, it’s 9 o’ clock, I have to pull over. I’m thinking, “Who could this be?”. I’m on my way back to Mormor’s house the lady I care give for. So I pull over and answer it, or should I say, I start pulling over as I answer it. I say, “Hello?” Because the number rings with the area code I live in, but I don’t recognize the number, and it’s certainly not in my phone. The caller then identifies herself as, Kathy from bible study.  The bible study that I just left, and I’m thinking oh dear, “What did I forget at her house?” She says, “is Lani with you?” Lani,is my daughter who turned 21 last year in July, and reminds me all the time of that fact. I say, “no, Kathy B. took her home.” She Lani's cellsays, “Well she forgot her cell phone here.” Right away I wanted to scream, “LANNNNNNIIIIIII!!!”  But I didn’t, I just decided in that moment, to let my grown up daughter deal with her on negligence, I didn’t call anyone, or do anything, for the first time in my life. I decided to let Lani deal with her forgetfulness, I just sat back and said to myself, “she’s a grown up let her be one.” But I never imaged how hard that would be. Even now as I write this post I’m thinking, “maybe I should call Kathy and ask her to bring her cell to church on Sunday?” But nope I’m going to let Lani do her own thinking and fixing of this problem, because after all she’s going to be 22 shortly, and that’s even more grown up than last year. Also, it reminds me that, I need to stop trying to be her safety net, even though we live apart I still go into mom mode, and I need to stop it. So you do your thing ladybug, and be almost 22! Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

Does anyone else have this problem and does it go away I wonder?

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Unknown Caller/Being Negligent

  1. My children are 28 and 30, and that’s something that I struggled with too – that letting go and be grown-ups. I think all moms struggle with it, but, you go girl! You did the right thing… But I bet it just about drove you crazy, huh? 😉


    • Omg yes!! But she hasn’t called me so I know she hasn’t figured out what to do yet lol (no phone). She might need me but I’m not going to offer I will call her at job corps and see how she is handling it. Later on but I’m not offering my help.


  2. Oh they can be so frustrating with the whole “I’m grown up, I don’t need your help/ advice” …and the at the first hiccup they are immediately leaning back on us! With no recognition f this after the event has passed! Kids who think their grown ups 🙂


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