Daily Prompt: Second Time Around, Shanna

~Tell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored — what is it that speaks to you?~

ShannaPicture from goodreads.

I love this book, I first read it when I was about 12 years old and bored to tears because it was summer and school was out. First, my mom read it and then said, “why don’t you read it.?” I thought that is such a big book, and it looks super boring. Why would I read something that huge, and it doesn’t even have pictures in it? I must apologize here, for my lack of motivation and curiosity. Growing up in the TV age, when reading would have been something uncool kids did. It seems kind of sad as I read this that I was so unchallenged as a child, or a pre-teen I should say. But, that one glorious day I was so bored, and had no money to go anywhere or do anything fun. Changed my life forever about reading. Also, one of my peers, had read it, and said it was a good read, and I looked up to her, so I began to read. (Kathleen Woodiwiss, was the quintessential, romance novelist, one of the first to make her run after the Harlequin series. She was one of the first to actually get a contract to write a “Romance Novel.”)

I was so surprised at how good it was! As I started turning the pages. I began to feel like I was watching a made for TV movie, (with no commercials). It began. like it does when you watch a movie about a person reading a book, imagining the things happening. I was mesmerized, even though it seemed like a daunting task to read such a big novel. It was as if, I could hear the sound effects and the dialog in my ears as I was reading, that had never happened to me when I read books for school up to then, but this one had a profound affect on me, and I couldn’t tear my eyes from the pages. It almost became an obsession, I couldn’t put the book down, I kept seeing how much I read to know I would be sad when it was finished, every time I was interrupted I became annoyed that people or things were trying to tear me away.  Another interesting thing happened, when my mom would call my name and needed to speak to me about something, I would yell back to her. “Can I do it after I finish reading this chapter, please?” Just saying those words made me chuckle, and made my mom come to my room and see what I was reading because she was stunned, and had never heard me use that word phrasing before I picked up that book. Thank goodness for friends you look up to in life!

So when I read Shanna for a second time years later, I think I was 29 when I picked it up again. I started reading it, and the exact same thing happened, as before, the TV movie started again. I couldn’t believe it happened as soon as I picked it up, the difference this time, was circumstances. It was clutch time, I was a mother now, my mother was dying of Cancer, and I was her caregiver, no brothers or sister. It was a very sad time in my life, so needing to escape was paramount to sanity. Partly, because being a mom of an almost 3 year old is rough enough, then seeing your only parent pass before your eyes, is just, well, horrible. I must say this book had come in handy over the years. When I read it a third time way more recently, I was able to skip over pages and chapters that were sort of slow and just got to the good parts. All to say, this is a lovely trashy romance novel, that won’t disappoint! Thanks Katherine Woodiwiss, you really helped me find my reading voice, and made me appreciate the written word. Also, for helping me understand why parents always said, “oh your bored?” “Read a book.” That is such good advice. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Second Time Around, Shanna

  1. “It almost became an obsession, I couldn’t put the book down” – I LOVE when that happens!! 😀 So, you read it as a pre-teen…do you think it’s appropriate for girls that age or are there mature themes in it? (you said it’s a romance novel) Maggie reads all the time and it’s awesome to see her so interested!


    • Valerie, you always ask the important questions, and the answer to this one is NO, I shouldn’t have been reading that book, my mom had no discernment then. She wasn’t a Christian as of yet, so I’m not surprised she allowed me to read it. I guess the only good thing about it is she had read it before I did, I just think she was trying to encourage me to read, bless her heart. I’m sure if you asked her today if she were alive she would say I shouldn’t have let her read that book. It did get me reading though and I’m grateful for that. Blessings, friend.


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