Buying a flat screen TV and sandals, while sitting on my couch

proscan-hdtv-50-300x218What an interesting concept buying things online. This isn’t anything new for me, but it is interesting how the technology has changed the way we do just about everything. Coming from the age when, you had to plan to go out to shop for specific items, til now a days, being able to just go online, find it and buy it, without getting up from your couch. You can buy whatever you want, with just a click of a button (literally). There is a blessing and curse to this concept, but with gas prices being so outrageous these days, it’s the most practical thing to do.

One positive is, you cut out the middleman which means cancelling out all useless stuff they want you to buy. Like imagejpeg_3what, one might ask? Well let me tell you, the insurance, which, almost cost what the unit costs that you just purchased. Or the middleman, who never actually comes to help you, this is the guy, that answers you as he passes by to talk to another co-worker about nothing remotely important or to do with selling merchandise. With one word answers and a dismissive tone. Or the guy who confuses you, and gives too much information about the product. Or, maybe you get the guy who wants to flirt with your daughter, and is more interested in impressing her and getting her phone number, than helping you. (However, this could work in your favor as well)! All to say, it can make your shopping experience less than exciting, border lining on painful, and moot.


I must say as I describe that, it makes online shopping seem marvelous, but online shopping takes away the excitement of the touch and feel of getting new fun gadgets. The excitement is diminished even further, by not being able to have it right after you purchased it. Although, the positives of online shopping, out weigh the negatives; this is how shopping will continue, in the future. One last thing to think about, is, when you order your flat screen TV the day before, and it comes to the house the next day with free shipping, it makes online shopping fun!!! This whole internet thing is totally groovy, like my brand new sandals, that I have not received yet. take that back I just got them. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

2 thoughts on “Buying a flat screen TV and sandals, while sitting on my couch

  1. We frequently shop amazon, especially for school books as well as movies. I agree, it’s not fun to have to wait for it, but the ease in which I can buy things makes up for it! 😉 Love those sandals.


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