A very dark hour

Rastafa, we miss you!!!


So this story is about my daughter’s dog. His name was Rastafa. He was a cute little puppy. We called him puppa. Anyway, I gave my daughter the dog for her 16th birthday. At the time we lived in Las Vegas an she kept asking me for a dog. So on her birthday I decided to get one for her.

He was a very cute dog he was a mutt but they say those are the best dogs. He was half lhasa apso half terrier. Well we got him from a friend of mine at work. I paid a pretty good penny for him too. He was so cute too as a puppy. So my daughter gets him for her birthday and she loves him. Their birthdays were 2 days apart which made it all the more special for her. So since she was going through a Jamaican phase at…

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So, here is where you muse/rant about what I've mused/ranted about...

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