Daily Prompt: The Interview/A Conversation With Sherlock Holmes

Jeremy Brett for blog

Jeremy Brett, the quintessential Sherlock/photo by: fanpop.com

Interview your favorite fictional character.

So today, I interviewed Dr. Sherlock Holmes, a well renowned investigator/finder of lost loves, etc. He doesn’t normally give interviews but since he enjoys my blog he decided to talk to me. I feel rather privileged to say the least. The only things off-limits to talk about were, Irene Adler, and specific cases. 

Me: Well sir I want to thank you for speaking to me today, I feel so honored to have this opportunity.

Dr: You’re welcome. By the way, please call me Sherlock.

Me: Well, Sherlock, I just wanted to ask you a little about your upbringing and how you came to understand your gift for deduction?

Dr: Well, I knew something was different about me very early, maybe around the age of 9 or 10. Always, getting into trouble in school, etc.  The funny thing is, my brother although he and I share some of the same gifts, his manifested earlier than mine, and he knew how he wanted to use his gift, very early in life. I, however, needed lot’s of direction. You know, to guide my gift in a positive way.

Me: Interesting, can you expound on that? What do you mean, when you say more positive?

Dr: Yes, I can explain, I mean when I was young and started using this gift as you call it, I would usually use it to make others uncomfortable. Surely, you understand what I mean? For instance, I might start, looking at one of my mother’s friends, and start telling them their life story for that day, because, maybe I didn’t like them. Or something like that.

Me: Oh, yes I understand, you would start reading them?

Dr: Yes, exactly, I think I did that because I wanted attention, and since my brother got most of it, I decided, attention was attention negative or positive, and I took whatever I could get, at the time.

Me: So, do you think that maybe by getting in trouble for doing this, made you think, maybe using it for good will be a better direction? Or did someone have to help you come to that conclusion?

Dr: Dear, I came to that with the help of my brother. He showed me how I could have the right kind of reaction, by using it in a positive way. As well as, becoming a kind of local hero in my hometown, if you will.

Me: Did your mother and brother continue to encourage that? Or, did it become a kind of competition between you and your brother? Oh and did your mother also have the gift?

Dr: My mother and brother did encourage me, but it was also obvious, that this is what I should be doing. I gather, I just needed that first push, if you will. It’s something of a curse, so it’s interesting that you call it a gift. I understand why you call it that, though. Because, it really helps others and for that, I guess your right it is a gift. However, I wouldn’t wish this gift on anyone, because, it’s hard to rest the brain. My mother, did not have the gift naturally, but my brother and I, taught her how to deduce, kind of like I’ve done with Dr. Watson. And yes, now it’s become a bit of competition with my brother, but he uses his gift in a more secretive way then I.

Me: Oh yes, how did you get your doctor status? Did you attend college to get it?

Dr: Yes, but not to be a doctor, I got an honorary doctorate, for outstanding investigative work on a case, blah, blah, blah. I think it’s kind of silly these titles. Dr. Watson always, rolls his eyes at me when I say that, I think he disapproves that, I don’t take it that seriously. (chuckling).

Me: Oh dear look at the time, I think we are done, they told me only 30 minutes. So, thank you so much for speaking to me, hope to chat with you again. And thanks for reading and commenting on my blog posts!!! Cheers, Sherlock.

Dr: Thank you dear, my pleasure.  Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Interview/A Conversation With Sherlock Holmes

    • Thank you, this is Sherlock much older and wiser and less narcissistic, this was after Dr. Watson had taught him some manners. Thanks so much for the comment and for stopping by! 🙂


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