Elementary Season Finale/Spoiler Alert!

TCA SUMMER PRESS TOUR 2012Ok so over this last year I have given my critique on this TV show. For the most part my thoughts have been that it’s kind of boring and slow, and reminds me of Monk. It didn’t really move me at all. Also, since Lucy Liu is not a very good actor, it makes the show even more mundane.Elementary-watson

Having said that, last nights episode is how the show should be every week. If your going to do an American version at least have good writers. So that it doesn’t get compared to the exceptional BBC show. Oh yes good actors would help too.

The captain, makes me fall asleep, his second, boring as ever, and Watson, please. What I do like is the lady playing Moriarty/Irene, Natalie Dormer. She was AMAZING.

I thought they played that right, very interesting to mix the 2 characters together and dupe Sherlock. Very interesting touch.

That was the most cleverly written thing they did all season. I pray we will see more episodes like that for season 2, PLEASE! That might make Lucy Liu forgivable!!! Shazza ~ Musings&RantsElementary-Irene


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