Star Trek, Into Darkness (no spoilers)

chris pine star trek

Chris Pine/photo: 

Ok so I went to see this movie and I must say it was very well done. All the acting was better than good and it had lot’s of action. Special effects, awesome, and this villain was better than the first installment villain, of the J.J. Abrams production. star_trek_into_darkness_by_greenteaduck-d5nx0wg

Look baby Star Trek crew, and villian, cute and hilarious, all at once!!!/photo:

But I might be biased here, because I do love Benedict Cumberbatch. Ok, the writing was very clever, even though some of the story was predictable. All the way around, I grade this one A+. Kids 9 and up can see this one, very clean for the rating, although there is some language. Oh and I must say, Chris Pine’s eyes were super sparkly, in some scenes they were almost blinding me!!!! 🙂 Shazza ~   Musings&Rants

4 thoughts on “Star Trek, Into Darkness (no spoilers)

    • Yes, tell your hubby it’s off the charts!!! If you take your kidlets, remember, there is a scene where a lady is in her underwear, I forgot about that, just for a few seconds so just beware. Blessings Valerie, tell me how you like it after.


  1. LOL. A short and sweet review (with no spoilers)!

    This movie just looked like yet another special effects laden summer blockbuster.

    I too like Benedict Cumberbatch after seeing Sherlock. I will check out this movie on DVD or Netflix just for Ben’s performance.



    • Yes, I would venture to say you could catch this one in the movie theater. But if not, make sure it’s a big screen TV. Cumberbatch is under used but still very good. Take care BB, so glad to get to know you better!!! Shazza


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