Central Park Five

Central park 5 black and whiteAntron McCray,  Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam, Korey Wise/Photo: www.nytimes.com 

What an interesting documentary, what a circumstance to find yourself in. This documentary was very sad, and a commentary on the state of things in my home, the US. I remember when this story came out back in the late 80’s. I was 24, when this incident happened. I also, remember thinking even though they confessed to the crime, I don’t think they did it. It just seemed contrived to me. Why would 5 kids, who supposedly raped a female Jogger, confess so easily, since this was a crime of rape? No one wants to go to jail with that crime on their heads. I couldn’t understand that.

After I saw this documentary which aired on PBS in April last month, it explained everything I thought seemed wrong about this story by the press, about what happened.

Wow, the five did their full time, before being exonerated for this crime, and all because of some stupid decisions of the female jogger. Who decided to go jogging after dark through Central Park and the real assailant that did the crime. As well as the five, for being out late at night with some other kids, vandalizing and being obnoxious in Central Park

Who also, without the assailants confession, the five would be considered guilty.

The real suspect.
The real suspect. Matias Reyes

They even had DNA technology, that showed none of the five were a match for the rape, and the assailant that did the crime, was in police custody for another crime. Not to mention, they all had alibis for where they were when the rape took place! Sheesh, talk about a circus of errors.

The documentary showed how the police decided to frame the kids by, questioning them for over 24 hours to try to get them to confess. Promising them that if they would just confess to these things, they would get to go home. It also showed, since the kids were very young, they didn’t understand their Miranda Rights, to know not to talk unless they had a lawyer present. As well as how little the parents knew about Miranda Rights. It showed how the police built a case of lies, to make an arrest hastily.

The whole thing was a debacle, and a travesty to know that racism is still so prevalent in our day. But the most tragic thing is that the state of New York is not taking responsibility for this horrible situation. There have been no apologies, nothing from the civil suit that the guys have filed against the police department, etc. So these men have no closure to this case of lies, that has taking 7 to 13 years away from them. Which is basically their young lives, getting out of jail in their early to mid 20’s, has left them a bit broken, and disjointed. I hope for them, and pray they would get some compensation for this, even though they say it won’t make up for what has happened. It would give them solace that the state except responsibility for wrong doing in this case of lies. As well as some sort of reprimand to law enforement and the attornies that built the case against them. I give the documentary, grade of B. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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