“I Love You Too Much.”

This phrasing will stay with me forever, because, when my daughter was oh, maybe 1 and a half, she said this to me. It was so cute, when she said it, because she was trying to make it bigger then when I would say to her, “I love you sooooo much.” lani just learned to walk this day

So one day when I was tucking her in for bed, after I said, that phrase, she popped her little head up and came back with, “I love you too much, mama, I love you tooooooo much.” I started crying as I walked out of her room. and thought, is it possible to love my little girl anymore then I already do? Wow, what a joy to be a mama.

How about you? What was the phrase that melted your heart from your kids or grand kids? Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

4 thoughts on ““I Love You Too Much.”

  1. Awww, she’s such a cutie. My daughter is 13 now. But when she was a baby I use to love it when she was right up in my face (she had no sense of personal space) and when I held her in my arm her little arm felt so sweet around my neck.


    • Yes, I love that, to have that little arm around your neck. Also, how cute no sense of personal space, that is so true. I also love, how they know to wrap their little legs around your waist when you pick them up.


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