7 Truths LGBT Kids Need to Hear from Homeschooling Parents

Hi Fred I had to reblog this one whew!!! Blessings, Sharon.


homeschoolI wanted to respond to this post:

7 Way Christian Homeschooling Parents Can Support LGBT Kids.

It’s one of those cathartic rants dripping with emotion that complains about how “my life has been ruined because I was homeschooled by crazy Fundamentalist parents.”  The Homeschool Apostates, I mean, Anonymous blog also cross-posted it at their place.  I thought I would use it as a spring board to offer a rebuttal and response to the author.

Let me begin with some of my own background for the author’s consideration.

Look it. We all understand that you were raised in a wacky, Fundamentalist atmosphere. You’re ashamed and embarrassed about your past. Now that you have freed yourself from the shackles of your Fundy upbringing, you believe you have ascended to a fuller life. We get it, okay.

I can sympathize. I spent some time floating in those orbits as well. In fact, I’ve…

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