Now You See Me

NOW YOU SEE MEMichael Caine, Now You See Me/photo:

Can someone please remind me not to see another movie about magic?  The last movie I saw like this, was The Prestige, and although that one had moments, I could have easily waited for the dvd.  I guess I’m just tired of these movies trying to be so clever.

Maybe with the right director ok, but why hasn’t anyone hired Soderbergh, (Ocean’s Eleven, Magic Mike, Side Effects), to direct a movie about magic?   I think he could pull it off!  Umm, and not Magic Mike, what was he thinking there?

Trailers, can be so very misleading and this one does just that. It flashes, well liked actors across the screen to give the impression of a really great flick, and then you see it.  You keep waiting for the good part, but you saw them all in the trailer.  THIS IS ONE OF THOSE!!!  This movie should be called, Now You See Me/and Then You See it. 

My goodness, I started falling asleep at the beginning of the movie.  Ok enough said, I give this one, a D+.  How can you waste a marvelous actor like Michael Caine (The Batman, The Prestige), in a cameo appearance?  Then there’s Morgan Freeman, (Se7en, The Batman) the most over used actor in the business, let’s give him a vacation. Shazza ~ Musings&Rants

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